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Alpha Techno AT 628

he Alpha Techno massage chair AT628 has an advanced 4D L-track massage with heated rollers. The massage rollers are not only on the back, but also under the seat. 15 automatic programs and a knee massage that is unique in the massage chair industry. A bestseller..

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Delivery: Delivery without Free installation

Guarantee: 2 years (included) + 1 year free


Characteristics of the OHCO M8 massage chair

Reference OHMB

Guaranteed 3 years

Extention: 2 years

Delivery time: January 2020 days

Consumption: 280 W

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Voltage: 220V

Dimension: sitting: 153x92x125 elongated: 196x92x58

Weight: 165 Kg (Max Weight: 120 Kg)

Inclination: 180 and ZeroG °

Coating: high quality PU

Number of engines: 12

Number of rollers: 6

Number of airbags: 48


Vibration massage: NO

3D massage: Yes + 4D

Scan function: Yes

Timer: 10 to 30

Auto program: 14

Manual program: 9 plus calves, kneading rollers and foot rollers

Remote control: Multilanguage, LCD screen

Visible in the show room: YES

Made in JAPAN

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